Our Services

Internal medicine specialists address age-appropriate preventive healthcare needs and are capable of treating a wide range of problems from the simple to the most complex acute or chronic medical issues in adults.

Our clinic sees patients 18 years and older and provides the following services:

Preventive Care

This is done with the goal of preventing illnesses or detecting diseases before they become symptomatic. This will entail a thorough physical examination, laboratory studies, age and gender-­appropriate screening tests (i.e. diabetes and cholesterol screen, colon and lung cancer screen, mammogram, pap smear), and immunizations.

Diagnostic Care

This addresses a particular symptom or constellation of symptoms you may have or an abnormal laboratory or imaging finding that may have been found.

Chronic Disease Care

This addresses and follows-­up on long standing health issues such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, emphysema or COPD, asthma, thyroid disorders, gout, and many others.

Pre-Operative Evaluation

You may be required to undergo pre-­operative medical evaluation by your surgeon prior to the procedure. This is done to evaluate you, determine your risk for medical complications, identify co-­morbid conditions, and implement measures to optimize your health prior to surgery.

Ancillary Services

ECG, INR check, A1c check, Nebulization, Spirometry, Immunization